Cambridge Street Studios is Philadelphia’s premier academic atelier. We study academic drawing, painting and sculpture. Our goal is to represent nature in an accurate, unembellished manner, without any type of idealization, mannerization, and generalization. We are concerned most closely with academic art, and are interested in the study of classical art as a traditional part of an academic training. We are in firm belief that through countless hours of practice in drawing, and the study of the science of light on form, one may become capable of representing nature with a great deal of exactitude.

Our mission is to make exceptional training as available and affordable as we can, and we are pleased to offer an array of part-time classes, workshops and intensive programs which cover the full range of Cambridge Street Studios’ methods, technique and theory. Our programming is designed to push students farther than they thought possible, cultivating a system of artistic problem-solving, a strong work ethic, a considered aesthetic, and a sensitivity that will allow the artist to make fully-realized work that is unrestrained by lack of skill or impatience. Whatever your skill level or artistic goals, we have a class or program that fits your needs and schedule.

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