Cambridge Street Studios offers a four year, comprehensive atelier program. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

First year students begin in graphite, developing a concrete block-in procedure by drawing from the plaster cast and copying plates from the Charles Bargue Drawing Course. It is during this time when students will develop their measuring and shape-seeing abilities. Early in the program students begin drawing from the live model five days per week, applying their block-in technique to the human figure.

After students create an accurate block-in, they begin to model form, making cast drawings that present a strong illusion of three-dimensionality. This stage introduces the concept of value being a product of planes in three-dimensions and their relationship to the light source. Study from the cast will prepare beginning students for working from the figure. The subtlety and nuance found in the live model will develop the student’s understanding of the integral relationship between an accurate block-in process and the highly rendered form modeling that follows.

After a high standard is achieved in graphite, second year students begin cast painting in grisaille (monochrome), while continuing to develop their understanding of form by drawing from the figure. Third and fourth year students then progress to the final goal of modeling the human form in paint (grisaille and then full color). Throughout the four year program students will be introduced to perspective, sculpture, structure, anatomy, landscape painting, the science of light on form, and the Munsell color system, among other topics.

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